The 5 Principles For Living A Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle For Better, Health, More Energy & To Feel Good!
Plant Based Health Coach & Chef.
At age 39 I had a heart attack. I then discovered a simple and natural way of eating and living that enable me to lose weight, get off all medications and then gain enough energy to do an Ironman Triathlon. I teach people how to eat and live a whole food plant based lifestyle for better health. Join my class to learn how to improve their health and feel good!
What You'll Learn In This FREE Online Class!
When You Join Me, You'll Learn:
  • What foods to eat to improve your health, gain more energy, look younger and feel good!

  • The 5 things all healthy people focus on create and maintain good health.

  • The exact process I followed to go from having a heart attack at age 39, to getting off
    all medication, to losing weight and gain enough energy to do one of the toughest
    endurance events in the world... an Ironman Triathlon.

  • Get inspired and learn how to make immediate change.

  • Hear from the people I've helped who have improved their healthy by following this exact way of eating and living!
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